Unable To Deliver


Life is not always easy is it?

There are always new obstacles to climb over or go around. That’s what has been happening for the last 23 plus days when we were waiting to receive the parts package for our Barker 42 gallon blue tote. We had ordered this larger tote from an on-line company and it arrived with out the parts package. Fast forward a few days and they had Barker ship us the parts only between the 2 companies the wrong address was put on our package and the delivery company said the were unable to deliver it. So back to Barker it goes and Norm is in contact with the seller again and they made sure that the right address was on it and the parts finally arrived!!!!!

Norm installed them and our big tote was ready for use. We had decided to put our smaller tote out with a “FREE” sign on it. One of the volunteers at the park took it. They were in need of one.

So everything worked out for all of us and that makes me smile!


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