Lists and More Lists



20181011_115041Are you a list maker?

I am usually and then when I decide oh I don’t need one that’s when I realize oh yes I do! Of course that is after I have forgotten to buy or do whatever I thought I would just, oh you know remember it. Of course they say hindsight is 20/20!

The times a list would have helped me and I didn’t make one was when we moved into the Kodiak! I brought stuff with me that should have went to storage and I left stuff in storage I could have used. Then when we went to storage to get our “stuff” after we had the shell put on. Oh did I ever need a list! One for what to take to storage and one for what to bring home with me. Yes HOME it’s wherever we park it. I love that phrase.

Then there are the times I make my lists for errands and groceries and completely forget to use them. Sigh! I do sometimes get distracted as I shop. Shoes,decorations, and stickers can get me completely off track. Then I end up buying things not on my list and forgetting the things that are. So now I make sure to mark everything off as I put it in my cart.

Then there are the “To Do” lists and I always have more on them than I could ever get done in one day. Oh well at least I can see what I have accomplished that day. Marking things of this list gives me a good feeling. But hey if I don’t get it done I can put it on my list for another day. Right?

I don’t have a list for everything but a planner and a calendar work great to keep you on track and motivated especially on those rainy dreary days you don’t want to move off the couch.

So my lists and I will continue on. Some days all the things will be checked off and other days only a few.

Oh well ,I’m Retired and that list can wait another day!



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