Miss Lily seems to be adjusting to our nomad life-style very well.

She enjoys all the smells to sniff at each new park we move to. She acts like she is on patrol every time we go for a walk! It is her job to make sure that those armadillos are kept in check! She does not like them at all and sometimes it is a challenge to take her for a walk.

The Kodiak is her home and she has lay claim to the Thomas Payne seating. They are hers and the only way you may share them is if she can lay on your lap! Lily rules!!!

There is a large drawer where we keep her food. She knows where it is and only wishes that she could help herself to the treats that are kept there.

Lily doesn’t like her harness! It is a necessity for her. She can’t wear a collar because she chokes herself. It’s a Gooby and that is what Norm calls her at times and of course Lily Meat! If dogs could roll their eyes Lily would be doing it at Norm!

Lily sees the Vet once a year and so far we have been able to take her to her regular groomers. We realize that soon we will have to use other groomers. A scary thought for us and Lily!

Lily has a few dislikes other than the dreaded Armadillos and they are the smoke detector going off(happens a lot when I fry something on the stove) and storms. She was calmer when Zoe was with us. Now she is more skittish.

She feels that the truck is hers too! It should never move without her furry self being in the back seat.

Overall Lily is doing very well as a nomad and is one happy spoiled dog!

We love her dearly.


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