Do we ever have enough storage? I would have to say NO! I thought between the truck’s shell and our new cabinets I would have more than enough storage. I was so wrong but I do so love a challenge!

The kitchen cabinets I have redone 3 times now. It took me that many tries to get the canisters in certain cabinets and the cookware where it is easily accessible. I have to remind myself that whatever I take out to use I have to put it back so I can remember where it goes when we are ready to leave. I do put my canisters out on the counters and yes they have their own shelf in one of the cabinets for when we leave. There are 3 cabinets I use as food pantries and the coffee pot has a cabinet of it’s own! Priorities!

The bathroom cabinet over the stool I am still not happy with how I have things stored in it. So I will continue to look for a better solution for that. We did buy a shower caddie that goes on the wall. However our shower walls are textured so Norm used silicone to adhere it to the wall, works well. I do take everything but the puffs off when we move though just in case.When we are ready to move I use the shower as storage too. We can store the electric toaster oven there and numerous other things too.

Under the bed storage is great and now with the bed lifts Norm installed easy to get too. There I use the hanging closet organizers laid out with the openings facing up that way I fill each cavity and believe me they can hold a lot of stuff. I store my cookbooks, craft books and many other things there. On top I can store our cd/dvd cases there and my yoga mat plus a few odds and ends.

We have a set of 6 drawers that we put against the wall on my side of the bed. It’s a squeeze getting through but storage is the key. We also have 3 hampers at the foot of the bed. The bedroom closets and over head cabinets are a work in progress and will probably be redone time to time.

The living room area only has one cabinet I am going to redo and that’s to move somethings out to a container in the truck. The rest of the cabinets and drawers are packed pretty much the way we want them. Norm built shelves over the back windows for our 2 Play Station systems so that clears up a cabinet and counter space.

We are very Blessed that our truck has an 8 foot bed and the shell on it is tall. We also have a pull out tray that make it easy to access all the containers we have in there. I had envisioned being able to carry more containers. However do to the size of some of them that changed how many we can store. Guess I just wanted to bring to much stuff! So downsizing again. I figure we will be doing this a lot in our future.

Our  basement storage is crowded and a few things in there are mine so I will be going through them. That will help clear up some more space.

Norm installed 2 trays on the back of the Kodiak to carry our toolbox,ladder,generator and our blue tank. On the front of the Kodiak is our bike rack and bike bunk. That’s where Susie and Knight ride. It’s a pain to load them but it works.

So as you can see storage for everything is an on going battle! We however are totally up to the challenge!




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