Camping World


Our Camping World experience was actually a very pleasant one. The staff were very friendly and knowledgeable. Our Kodiak had a 10 am appointment and they took her back at that time. We had a list of items to be attended to on her and they did all of them and had her back to us by 2:20 pm. We were able to wait for the Kodiak after all she is our home! Their waiting area is quite nice with tables, chairs and also  comfortable couches. They provide coffee and water. They also provide a water dish for your pet to use. Of course there is a T.V. for your viewing pleasure.

Norm, Lily and I spent our time people watching and shopping! We also watched the employees as they moved their stock around. Since Camping World purchased Gander Outdoors and is moving some of their stock to this Camping World location they were making room for the new merchandise. Interesting day.

Lily enjoyed all the attention she received from the employees and customers. She is so spoiled!

The only downside of the day was we forgot to put the memory card back in my camera after we off loaded my pictures and video from the day before. So all the pictures I thought I took were gone! Oh well live and learn! New Motto check camera before leaving the camp. Otherwise the day went very well. We re-parked the Kodiak and set up camp again.

We of course celebrated another set of tasks completed off our to-do list with a glass of wine from the St. Augustine’s Winery.



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