I guess I’m just old fashion in what I enjoy doing for fun!

Give me a good book, a puzzle to solve or some crafting to do and I’m good.

Norm and I both enjoy cds, dvds, and his games. We know that the web offers many options for entertainment however you never know if your hot spot or cell signal will allow you to access them. We’ve been in parks that have great signal and some that you are lucky to make one call a day. Some we have had to leave the park even to do that. So that is one of the main reasons we keep the old kinds of entertainment with us. Also, we just enjoy them too!

When we are able to get out on the web we do enjoy some U-Tube channels and SurvivorMan.

With the hot and humid weather we’ve been having we are very grateful to be inside with our Lily. With Norm playing his game and me reading a good book it’s a great way to enjoy the afternoon!

So for us we will keep a lot of the old ways of entertainment around and when we can we will enjoy the new ways too.


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