Small Environment


RVing is fun and full of challenges. Some of those challenges show themselves right away. Storage being one of the major ones that comes to mind. Where your seating and your entertainment center (TV, DVD player and PS 3&4) are located is right up there too. Then there is the counter space and so on and so on.

Well we planned everything out pretty well or so we thought! Lots of counter space, seating and entertainment center right where we want it. Even our table which pulls out so we have a place to eat or work.

However what I “never” considered is working beside someone! So the first day of “blogging” on my laptop sitting next to Norm at the table, I found it to be very challenging. We both tend to take up a lot of space when we are working. So having both of us at the table well that was interesting as well as distracting. I got my blog work done but I think I will use our portable table from now on when we are inside the RV. I use the portable table when I am doing my make-up and as a side table by my chair. I have realized I need a smaller side table as this one makes it hard to get in the drawer. I do so love a challenge like finding the right table for there. I think I would like it to have shelves or a drawer in it, but my space is very limited.

I’ll do my best to keep you posted on our progress in ways we are solving the small environment challenges.


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