Owner’s Manuals


Products you buy now rarely come with a printed owner’s manual. Everything is on the web now a days. Well that’s just great for most however some people still don’t have computers or cell phones. Also if you can’t get a good cell signal having that owner’s manual on the web is pretty useless.

For me it’s frustrating not having a printed owner’s manual. I actually read them and use them to help me use the product or to trouble shoot a problem. Especially if it’s electronics! Electronics and I just do not get along. I have a hard time understanding how to use a lot of them. It is so frustrating asking for help because not everyone is a good teacher. Most just want to show you how it’s done and they go to fast for me to keep up. They don’t just guide me through it with me doing the actual stuff, they just do it and expect you to know what they have done and understand everything they are telling you. Sorry not happening! That makes using new electronics right up there with my bike that has hand brakes. I just want to toss them! Of course by the time I really understand how to use them there will be a new version to drive me crazy with!

So along with my new bike that I am learning all about shifting gears and using hand  brakes I now will be learning to use my laptop, Kindle and my camera. I am very grateful to have all these thing. Please wish me luck in learning how to use them. Thanks.

Hope everyone has a good day.





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