Moving Into Our Kodiak


Today as I was sitting here waiting to walk back to the bath house to switch the laundry from the washer to the dryer I got to thinking about our move into the RV. I considered all the things that I brought with me and the things I left in storage. I realized that things I should have put in storage, such as my outdoor coffee pots and our bathing suits and beach gear to name a few are here and the things I could have used such as a crock pot I left in storage!

That’s what happens when you don’t have a master RV list. I had one for getting the house ready for closing but forgot to do one for moving into the Kodiak. Oh well to late now! I just have to wait till the truck gets it’s camper shell. Then we can go to the storage locker for the things we plan to bring with us.

For a planner like me this has been hard to accept that I forgot to make my RV master list. I will not forget in the future that’s for sure.

So now I am planning where I want things to go. So looking forward to having more storage! Hope the camper shell comes in soon!

I am sure learning patience! Thank-you Lord.


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