Cell Phone Screen Savers


When we purchased our Samsung Galaxy S 9 phones Norm and I had screen savers put on them. We also purchased their protection plan. The first thing we noticed was how hard it was to use the phone through the screen saver. Texting and everything else became such a chore. That made both of us very frustrated! Then Norm’s screen saver got a crack in it so he took it back to be replaced. They told him he has to call the number on our plan and have them mail us a new one.  He called and they sent him a new one and  he had it put on and it cracked and then so did mine! By then we were both so aggravated with these screen savers we just removed them. It’s been so much easier to use the phone without them!

Life would be so much better if we could get a good cell signal here at the park.

Gotta love the RV life!


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