I started collecting colored pens when I started to journal in the 1990’s. When we moved to Florida in 1998 I stopped, too much going on to find time to do it. However in 2013 I started collecting colored pens and began to journal again!

We had started camping here in Florida in late 2012 when we bought our 2013 Salem Cruise Lite. It was a way for me to keep track of where we went and what we saw along the way and in camp. It also served as a record of our campsites and our conversations along the way. Hey a good idea is often lost because you forgot to write it down! Then we up-graded to the Kodiak and I kept a journal. There are some days a blue or black ink pen are fine, but other days you need the different colors to highlight what you saw or did that day.I make sure I plenty of each color on hand!

In our downsizing for our full time RV adventure, I’ve had to downsize my doll and book collections to just a few favorites but the pens and the journals are still with me. My family has a field day teasing me about my pen collection. They have went so far as to offer to play taps when I have to discard one. Oh well I guess that’s their way of letting me know they care.

I do plan to keep right on journaling, and collecting pens as long as I can hold a pen and see to write. For me this is one of life’s simple pleasures!


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