Our Sunday Hike


Well we decided that Sunday we were going to go out and enjoy the park. To us that may mean biking or hiking the roads or trails. We’ve been here a couple of times so we know most of the trails. We decided on the Gobbler Ridge Trail. It’s a loop trail and that is one of our favorite kind of trails!

So off we went. We started at a good time in the morning and the hike took about 1 hour and 30 minutes or so. What we really hadn’t considered was how long it’s been since we hiked and the heat and humidity. We did go prepared with plenty of cold water (insulated backpacks), snacks, first aid kit, wipes, hiking sticks, and hats. We also wore sturdy hiking shoes. So yes we were prepared to hike just not for the heat and humidity we found on the trail. I guess we thought there would be a more of a breeze than there was.

The trail is not hard at all. Mostly flat and easy to hike, however along the lake we feel it needs to be mowed. The ground cover is very thick and it is hard to see if there are snakes. We managed just fine of course Norm and I complained somewhat as we hiked along this part of the trail.We were so busy watching where we were hiking that it was hard to enjoy the scenery along the lake.

Will we hike this trail again? The answer is of course! We do so love a challenge!

The rest of the day was spent in doing necessary chores such as emptying the tanks, redoing my nails and so on.

We enjoyed seeing our families pictures and videos on the web too.  So to us this was a fun and relaxing Sunday!

Hope everyone has a great week.


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