Staying Connected


Connectivity: The state or extent of being connected or interconnected.

Okay sounds easy doesn’t it but as we have discovered this week it isn’t.

Our last park we had great cell pone coverage and our hot spot worked great. Now that we have moved to a different park the cell phone signal is spotty to none at all. The hot spot works but is slow. Talk about stress when you need to post daily and call your 96 year old Mother who lives alone in another state.

So we added a WeBoost to our arsenal along with the hot spot. It has taken 2 days to figure out the best place for the WeBoost in the Kodiak. So far we haven’t seen a lot of improvement in our cell phone coverage. It’s still sporadic at best.

I’ve been blessed that the last 3 mornings I have been able to call mom from camp. I am hoping that will continue this week.

We’ve also been warned that the park we are going to next has the same kind of cell phone coverage. We will see. this is a great test of our equipment and our patience.

There is also the issue of mail. I needed to mail a couple of things and trying to find a mail box that wasn’t the park’s was a challenge. Yes I still like to write letters and send cards. The park was very nice and allowed me to mail my letters here as long as they had an address and a stamp.

So staying connected will be an on going challenge but we’re up to it!


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  1. Connectivity is a never ending struggle! Just wanted to be sure the you know about the Campendium app (it website). The reviews always include Info about the Verizon and AT&T signals. It’s really helpful for planning.

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