Motorcycle Lanes


Can someone please tell me when did the lines between the lanes become motorcycle lanes on highways and streets?

In the past few weeks especially, we have seen so many motorcycles using the lines between the lanes as a riding lane. Is this a new motorcycle lane that no one told us about? This scares me for the person riding the motorcycle on it. If either of the vehicles on each side of you weave just a little you are going to be mashed between them! If you are that rushed perhaps you should have left earlier. A lot of these riders aren’t wearing helmets either.

So being a driver out there is even more stressful now because of a few of these riders squeezing between the vehicles. It is especially stressful during rush hour traffic!

We are always being told to watch out for motorcycles. Now I understand why a lot of them are taking chances with their lives and yours everyday!

Stay Safe!


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