Well as the dreaded laundry day approached we discussed doing the laundry at camp (they have a washer and dryer) or at the laundromat. We decided on the laundromat and was that a major endeavor.

First we had to get there. Ms. Garmin told us to go one way and Ms. Google told us another way. Ms. Google was right!

After arriving we discover that the machines no longer take coins. You have to purchase a card and then put money on it as needed. Even the bathroom had a card slot to open the door! Though the manager on duty left it open so you didn’t have to pay.

The price of using the washers and dryers was an eye opener though! The washers I used were $5.25 and $5.50 each. I used 4 of them so that adds up quickly. The dryers were $0.25 per 5 minutes and each dryer runs for 30 to 40 minutes. Only used 2 dryers though.  The washer here at camp were a $1.50 per load and the dryer is a $1.50 (40 minutes) per load.

So what we learned is even though doing laundry here at the park would have taken longer it would have been less expensive. Also that we could have stayed at camp and got some other things done while doing the laundry.

There are advantages for both the laundromat and using the parks washer and dryer. Doing your laundry all at once is the laundromat’s advantage but being in camp is the one for the park’s. Not all parks offer these conveniences so you may have no choice but to use a laundromat.

I think for me, in the future, if the campground has a washer and dryer that will be my first choice! Less stress!



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