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I am so excited, I have a new Vacuum Bottle! Hot coffee for road trips or even here at camp. We are a 50 amp trailer on a 30 amp site. If you use to many devices there goes the breaker. I hate to have to turn off the fans to use the microwave , toaster or the coffee pot.  So with my vacuum bottle I can brew me a pot of coffee put it in the bottle, turn off the pot and I have hot coffee for hours! Awesomeness for a coffee drinker like me!

We purchased a Stanley Classic Vacuum Bottle that holds 2 Qts/1.9 L. It is suppose to hold either hot or cold beverages for 32 hours. My coffee never last that long! This is the one I wanted there are several brands that you can choose from. It all depends on your preference and budget.

I tried it yesterday and was very happy with my hot coffee in the afternoon that I didn’t have to brew!

Coffee Time!


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