Table or Stool?


Moving here was an Easy Journey. The truck did an awesome job pulling the Kodiak. We are so pleased.

Then while I was going through the cabinets I found that blasted shelf had fallen down, again! Yes the Shelf an I are at war! So far the Shelf is winning. Shelf-2, Phyllis-0. I will win in the end! Anyway off point there. I needed to put the Shelf back up. So I grabbed what I thought was the stool, sat on it, and down I went! It collapsed into several pieces and I ended upon the floor! That’s when I recalled that this probably wasn’t our stool but the side table we bought at Camping World.

Norm had a great time laughing at me and of course he just HAD to take pictures!!! Then he reminded me several more times that the table was tan and the stool is green!

The Shelf is back up in that cabinet and if it doesn’t behave and stay put I may just glue it in place!

Sorry for the Rant!  Oh and to make the day complete I misplaced one of my favorite T-Towels too! I can’t locate it anywhere!


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