I have a problem with Bicycles!

I am so Short that it is hard to find one in my size for me to ride. For me to be comfortable I need an 18 to 24 inch but I always have to settle for a 26 inch!

Before my single speed bike and I were very happy but Norm decided that I needed speeds so I could keep up with him and for going up hills. So onto bike #2.

Well when he tried to fit the saddle bags and the rack on the bikes he needed to raise my seat! It goes without saying that was not going to work. I now couldn’t sit on the seat at all and reach the ground when I stopped. Tippy toes doesn’t work for me! So no saddle bags for me. Life is so unfair to short people! His bike everything went on easily! Well he did find a different style of rack and now I can have saddle bags to carry my gear too. Oh my rack didn’t come with enough bolts and washers. So far that seems to be normal for my poor bike.

Okay my rants over!

Oh I did name the bikes. Norm’s is Knight and mine is Susie!



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