Before we hit the road we talked with our RV Insurance and got that all taken care of. It only too 3 phone calls! 1st phone call was a general call of when we needed to do this and getting the time frame of when to call and change from recreational to Full Time. 2nd phone call, I talked to someone who didn’t understand the difference between Full Time RV Living and Full Time RV Nomads. There is a big difference in the two. One stays put and one moves around, a lot. So the price of insurance varies resulting in phone call #3. The amount #2 gave me was awesome, however when I talked to #3 that number went up! She understood exactly what a RV Nomad is! We had expected this. The other price was to good to be true. So with the right price we were able to complete the moving of our insurance from Recreational to Full Time. Yeah! The Kodiak stayed insured and we breathed a sigh of relief!

Onward to truck insurance! We went and met with our agent for the Ford’s insurance. This was the easiest of all the transfers. However, when she printed the temporary insurance card she didn’t check to make sure it was ours. I didn’t either. You can imagine my surprise the next day when I looked at the card and it was for a Ford Ranger. So I called and she sent me an email temporary insurance card. Okay now I can relax on the insurance front at least for a few months.

No one said this would be easy but nothing worth doing or having ever is!


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