The Rest Stop

The Rest Stop

The unexpected can and will happen to you when you LEAST expect it!

That happened to me the other day in a Rest Stop bathroom. Something told me to bring the wipes in with me and boy was I glad I did! Here I am in the stall, and I am almost done when some one enters the stall next to me. All of a sudden I feel something hitting my foot. I figure it’s a little boy who can’t aim straight. Oh Man Oh Man was I Wrong! The splashes were coming from a Woman! Now I don’t know if she missed the stool or was doing the squat but there was a puddle on the floor and it had splashed into my stall. She was putting T.P. down on the puddle and I was so glad I had my wipes with me as I cleaned my foot and shoe!

No I didn’t say anything to the person. What would have been the point! She knew what she did and Karma is always around. So there was no reason to embarrass us both. So I let it go!

Whew what a Day! I will never ever forget this day!




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