Today writing about patience or my lack there of! Yes I know that patience is a virtue and I can understand why that is. It is so very hard for me to be patient. When you are a planner like we both are, it is hard to wait for things like house closing dates, time, and place. It was such a relief when we had all that information.

We like to plan all our camping trips well in advance and as many holidays as possible too. Norm and I like to know where we are camping. What is available for us to do (hiking, biking, stores and laundry) and how long are we going to stay there. I know this is a long list but this list makes our life a lot less stressful! Also a lot more enjoyable. We want to enjoy our retirement and our nomad way of life, and not worry about where we are going to be tonight. We have to really remind ourselves that not everyone is like us. We try our best to be patient when we can’t get everything on the calendar and we do adjust our schedule as much as we can.

So on that note I am trying to be more Patient but that is surely a work in progress!


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