Things Going According To “Plan”


I have always heard that there is a Master Plan for each of us. I believe this to be true. Yes, we are granted free will however if we listen and have faith the Master Plan seems to be the best one around. It doesn’t always happen in the time you want , it may not be what you thought you wanted at all, but it will be the best thing for you. I know makes no sense right? Well we do hopefully learn from our mistakes. Then we begin to realize that what we thought we wanted so bad, a few months down the road, doesn’t look so great now and we are so very glad that we didn’t pursue it.

So how does this fit our Full-Time RVing adventurer? In the fall of 2015 we decided that we would become RV Nomads. The decision after much thought, prayer, and discussion was made. Yes let’s do this and we gave our plan 3 years. Now that’s not saying along the way there wasn’t a lot of tears, fears and some regrets as we saw our Stuff leaving. We kept reminding each other of our end goal. After we down sized and we met our Realtor Patti we now were met with a whole new list of challenges. Some were easy, some were not, and some were expensive to say the least. However we persevered knowing the ultimate prize was being Free to explore whenever and wherever we wanted to.

We were Blessed to have family and friends urging us on. It’s always a great moral boost to have a cheering squad telling you that anything is possible. We can’t thank them enough. You guys were Great!

Then the day of our house going on the market and in less than 2 weeks we were Blessed with buyers. Again it seems the Plan was working. I always felt August 30th we would close our house and we did! Feeling so Blessed we closed on Thursday and went truck shopping on Friday and there was the very truck we had been longing for since 2015. We bought it!

Will the rest of our Plan come to fruition, I believe it will. We may have to make adjustments from time to time but I have Faith that this is what we are suppose to be doing at this time in our lives.

The Lord has been very good to us and we are very grateful to Him.

So as Norm continues ordering our toys and other thing on the web I will wish you a wonderful 2018.


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