Prairie Buggy Ride

The Buggy ride was so much FUN!


Our guide was the Park ranger. She was fun and very knowledgeable about the habitat and the wildlife that call this Preserve home. Our tour was on the Military Trail that goes down to the Kissimmee River. We found out that this Preserve is one of the head waters to the Everglades and that three families had homesteaded this Preserve.

The other campers who were on the tour with us were an awesome group of people. We had a fun time with them, lots of laughter and conversations as we enjoyed the ride.

Norm and I sat in the very front row. At first we weren’t sure about these seats but after the tour began we realized it was a great place to be. These seats made it easy to get awesome pictures and video footage.

We saw a lot of deer, birds and even a wild boar. One of the other passengers saw an Otter.

The landscape is so beautiful on the prairie that distances are so deceiving. A tree that looks close is probably miles away!

We made it to the Kissimmee River but we didn’t go all the way down. She wasn’t sure the Buggy could make it there and back without getting bogged down.

The round trip was about 2 1/2 hours and well worth the cost of $32.00 for the 2 of us. Of course that amount could change in the future. This preserve is 54,000 acres and what we saw today was a very small part of it but I was so glad that I was riding in a Buggy and not Hiking!

Of course back at the park office Norm paid for our tour and I got us new T-Shirts! Then home to Lily. Today’s adventure? We’re hoping to get in a bike ride up to the cross-road.

Happy Camping!





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