“Truck Shopping”


On Friday 08-31-2018 we went Truck Shopping at Gibson Truck World in Sanford, Florida. Our salesman Vince was excellent. We told him what we were looking for and why. He started walking us around, and we ended up looking at this 2016 Black Ford Super Duty F350 4×4 XLT. Well it was being detailed and checked over and the first thing we noticed was the 6 new tires! Hey they looked so good!

Then we listened to Vince go over all the truck’s many features and we decided to go for a test drive. I wore the wrong sandals, flip flops, silly me! So Norm did all the test driving!

We left the lot with Norm behind the wheel. We agree she has a smooth ride, handles great, sounds good and he even tried the 4×4 part and we were in heaven! No more stuck in the sand issues – YEAH! Also this truck comes ready to tow without having to add anything but our hitch. No more Stress for Me!!!

So when we returned to the lot I told Vince this was our Truck! So we bought her! The price was great and the trade-in value on our Silverado was awesome.

So on that note, we pick up our 2016 Ford Super Duty F 350 Diesel 4×4 Dually on Thursday 09-06-2018. To say we are excited is an understatement.

We can’t wait for Thursday!


As a side note, the vehicle info is:

6.7L V8 F OHV 32V
Norm thought we should add the official technical information.





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