Domicile-Mail Service-Voting


Voting is one of the most important rights we have!

I Voted Sticker

This year Norm and I discovered just how much we take this right for granted. We thought getting a Domicile and Mailing address would be a piece of cake! Well we discovered that what we thought and what is are two totally different things. At first everything seemed to be going smoothly. We decided to use the service so many RVers and Boaters use in St. Brendan’s Isle. Then the County they are in decided that “Nomads” can no longer Vote because we really don’t have a physical address! In other words, a brick and mortar place of residence. So if you don’t have this you can no longer vote!

Okay that’s very frustrating! Thankfully our Daughter offered her home as our Domicile address and we proceeded ahead. I am happy to report that we are now able to vote. We are using the St. Brendan’s Isle as our mail forwarding address and it is an awesome service. Makes life so much simpler. So it all worked out for us but there were a lot of stress filled days trying to accomplish this.

Now just think on this for a moment, a homeless person who is an American citizen can register to vote using just a set of cross streets. However, a nomad who is an American citizen can’t! What is wrong with this system?

Here’s hoping that everyone exercises their right to vote. It’s the only way we the people can be heard.


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