Kodiak on the Move

On Wednesday August 15, 2018 we moved our Kodiak to the driveway for the last time.


Then we began the cleaning and waxing of the outside. Of course this was Norms job. Mine was cleaning the inside and silly me forgot to empty all the cabinets before we renovated. So the cleaning took a little longer than planned. You would think after renovating several of our homes I would have remembered to empty “all” the cabinets! So finally she was cleaned and we were able to move in. Norm and I were very excited as we moved clothes and other essentials into the Kodiak.

Norm had already put the bike wing onto the bike rack now it was time to load our new bikes. Guess that was one process that we should have filmed. I am sure you would have had a good laugh. We are looking forward to riding our new bikes, however Mother Nature has decided differently. Mother Nature Rules!

So we had one week to move our Son and move into the Kodiak. However we decided we needed a Few things from storage. So we took a trip to the storage locker and that was when we discovered that these items were in the very back. We agreed that it’ll wait till after we move to our first park.

So until next time.

Happy Camping!



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